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  • Unique Designs

  • Perfection in work

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  • Reasonable pricing

  • High end Supervision

Azhagu Interior is a decade old firm, based in Chennai. Azhagu interior has rich experience in the field of residential interior designing and renovation works. Azhagu Interior takes the extra time to understand your needs and goals before we offer the right mixture of practical guidance and creative input to translate your visions into reality.  Azhagu Interior services are oriented towards close monitoring of each and every micro detail of the work in progress and in designing your home to give it an elegant finish and make it look visually very pleasing. Azhagu Interior team guides our artisans to work for the customer’s satisfaction and they do not mind going an extra mile if the excellence in work demands it. We are in love with our work and we pay high attention to the requirements of our esteemed clients. We score very high in this way and have a winning edge over other designers in the market. Azhagu Interior team has very efficient artisans who are well mannered and pleasing to deal with. So, just relax!  Azhagu Interior will spare you the head ache of supervising/ micro managing, while the work is in progress at your home sweet home. Azhagu Interior workers are well mannered and are trained to maintain their limits. Azhagu Interior team supervises every step of the interior designing process. We build a solid and a long lasting working relationship with every client and supplier. Our intelligence and enthusiasm along with unmatchable service helps us to  provide creative and excellent solutions to our customers.

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