Why not I go for a carpenter, plumber and electrician myself and get things done? In what way your involvement can help me?

Oh yes sure. Its definitely ok to contact electricians, plumbers and carpenters directly and take quotes from each of them and monitor their work on site by yourself.

We as an interior design firm, shoulder the responsibility of delivering quality work. We will be the single point of contact for you to get a quality work delivered to you. We will spare you of your valuable time and  peace of mind by dealing with the artisans and getting things done in the right way. Managing labourers may not be your cup of tea while you are in the midst of some important office work or involved in taking care of elders and children at home. We ensure that your normal work-life balance isn’t affected  while you are building a home sweet home at the same time. It may be difficult for you to gauge whether our carpenter is a real professional or not. Also, it may not be possible for you to check on the quality of materials used by them in your busy schedule.

The choice is definitely yours to either  outsource interiors to us or build it all by yourself.

Can I Pay after the work gets completed?

We do consider your concerns about the quality output. So we expect a 90% payment before the completion of the work and remaining 10% on the day of completion to ensure hassle free transaction between us. Time and money is something we do not like to meddle with. So we expect the same from our clients too.

Why do you expect a 90% payment before the completion of the work?

We value every human relation involved in our company. We believe in taking good care of both our clients and employees. Employees being very dependent on each single project for their daily living, we hate to see our electricians or carpenters or plumbers struggle financially for a decent living but create beautiful interiors for others at the same time. Its just not possible to be very creative for anyone when they struggle for basic amenities. So why not pay their dues on a daily or weekly basis so that they create your home interiors with love and care?

Can you provide a rough sketch for free?

Sure. Provided you had  already signed an agreement with us and made a part payment to start the work.

How about a 3D photography of the design?

We do charge for the 3D photography as it involves technical person to work on it with a good quality software. Please remember that nothing comes for free in this world. If there is a freebie attached to something, it only means that the quality is poor or the charges get recovered elsewhere. It’s that simple you know !

Do you just give us a consultation on interior design and space planning with a rough sketch alone?

Why not? If you are happy to just take a paid consultation from us, we are glad to provide that. Do give us a feed back and allow to take a picture of our completed work if you had implemented our ideas and design.  We are quite flexible and accommodative this way.

Do you use good quality materials in the interior works?

All our materials are of high quality standards. We do take responsibility for the materials used and give you a one year warranty for  certain items. All this can be discussed and given in writing as well before we sign up for the project.

How long will it take to complete a project?

It really is dependent on your requirements. Nevertheless, we do discuss the time of delivery and fix a reasonable date of handover to the client.

When I call you or you call me back, What next? How do we take off??

Okay , once your site is ready for an interior work,

  1. We do a site visit, analyse your requirements, take the needed measurements and listen carefully to all your inputs.
  2. Go back, discuss with my artisans, work on the quote and send it across to you through email or whats app or even a simple sms as you deem it fit.
  3. If you are comfortable with our quote, you sign the documents and we kick the start the work either on site or offsite, as decided by us, after getting a payment of 50% on the project cost.
  4. We will start sharing the progress of the work in a three days time period.