Kitchen being the heart of a home, can be designed in multiple types like box type, crystal style, time style, U-Style, C-style, L-style etc… Kitchen being the backbone of our Health and Hygiene of our family, needs o be well designed and well made.

Simple steps can have far reaching rewards. For example, Kitchen storage in front of the sink, Gliders with several hooks for hanging your pans, small unused space transformed into a great kitchen organizer, dead wall space used as storage space etc…

We at Azhagu Interior, believe in creating highly customized kitchen cabinets so that the kitchen looks splendid and remains an easy to maintain space. Azhagu interior can help you with the designing of Cabin, chimney, shelves, cabinets, shutters, fittings, drawers and dishwashers.. We do provide different varieties of cabinets like base type, wall type, tall type and specialty units. We can also work on the four grades of cabinets – Ready-to-assemble, stock, semi-custom and custom applications.

Taking inspiration from bygone eras and nature, we transform rooms into truly imaginative experiences.

Lightings can be chosen carefully in order to elevate the surroundings with a soft glow that also warms up the space.

Natural Vibrant Elegant and beautiful  designs defines the modern Indian Spaces without losing its traditional  decor.

Homes  are designed  so that it can remain an inspiration to live in that space and  help us operate with more zest after having a relaxed evening in a well designed home.

Simple changes and additions can double the beauty of the home decor.

If fashion and beauty are one side of the coin , then comfort and convenience are definitely the other side of the coin.

Normal is boring . Make your roofs more colourful to allow yourself to admire it often while day dreaming.

Often times your space may not be the problem, you just need a creative cabinet designs to make everything fit right into the cabinets. Thanks to the ergonomic research. We now have better kitchen designs unlike the stereotyped kitchen designs. The latest kitchen cabinet trend includes, deep drawers for cookware, pull-out shelves to avoid excess bending, sponge trays on the front of sink cabinets, pullout hideaway garbage/recycling containers, pull-out spice cabinets, lazy susans in corner cabinets, vertical storage for cookie sheets, full-extension drawer slides, and drawers and doors with so-called soft-close/positive-close mechanisms enabling drawers to shut quietly, or which shut fully after being pushed only partially. Kitchen cabinet shutters, Kitchen cabinet material, interior lighting of the cabinets for an even impact are some of the areas to make a choice from.

As a part of our service, we offer space planning, lighting types, colours and designs for every part of the project. We help you plan your kitchen cabinets which also satisfy your customs and traditions. We also offer readymade units and choose the best fitting for your needs.