If kitchen is the heart, then Pooja room is the soul of the house indeed !

A simple ten minute prayer in your pooja room rejuvenates and revitalizes you completely. This room deserves a very special attention and easy to use, compact cupboard designs. The carvings, engravings, choice of material like wood or any other metal, doors with bells or without bells …. Well it’s a pleasure to be able to make right choices that too with Azhagu Interior expert. We believe in relaxing you and letting your personal perceptions become an affordable actuality !!!

Did you know that pooja room cupboards should be lower than the idols and to be placed  in south or in the west wall of the pooja room? Not to worry…. we are aware of such intricacies!  Yes, Azhagu interior always has a solution to all your storage needs. Azhagu interior lends you a helping hand in space planning with vaastu shastra, theme- based engravings, colours to use, lighting and material to use for your pooja room cupboards.