The fascination for colours starts right from the time we open our eyes to see the colours around us. Right from rainbow colours to rare coloured stones, we get endlessly baffled by the nature’s beauty.

One way of expressing our attraction to nature is to choose colour and texture of the walls that we build. Wall paintings are an art in itself. They are capable of changing the ambience of the room  to any extent. Colour and the texture of a wall can even make the dimension of the wall look very different.

The types of paints that we need to know for our home purpose falls under the category of architectural paints. Solvent base paints and enamel paints are applied for wood and steel. Water base system of paints are for the walls. For walls you can either go for distemper paints (oil bond or acrylic)  or emulsion types with matte or sheen finishes.

Gloss finish adds vitality and vigour to your space, whereas matte finish gives a calm and serene feel. Satin and silk finish are wonderful for small spaces.  Azhagu interior guides you for a Perfect choice and offers colour solutions based on colour therapy too !!!

Stencilling, sponging, ragging, frottage, striping, decorative, murals, colour washing, metallic are some of the wall painting techniques among the numerous types practiced .

Azhagu interior experts guide you in the choice of paint type for each space in your home. They help you decide the painting techniques for each wall. The final blend of colours of each wall in your space needs to carry a theme, which is also perfectly designed for you by our ——Azhagu Interior Experts.  Ceiling paint, exterior wall paint, interior wall paint, price of the paints etc… are thoroughly discussed before we proceed any further. Just relax with Azhagu interior to assist you…..